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Ways Technology Has Transformed Security

Ways Technology Has Transformed Security

Remote security monitoring and other innovative technologies have dramatically transformed the security system in most residential and commercial buildings. The security balance between an attacker and a defender has never been static for several decades. Advancements in the technology industry have had an impact on both sides. In other words, much as the society is using technological evolutions to tighten security, attackers, on the other hand, have adopted newer tech ideas of penetrating secure systems both on online and offline platforms. Interestingly, business owners have not been left behind in the divide! Here are ways on how businesses, governments, and multinational organizations have utilized technology to tighten their security systems.


Remote Security Monitoring

In the past few years, security guards and duty police officers used to stay in one location to monitor CCTV cameras and examine them retroactively. But with the introduction of remote security monitoring, security officers don’t have to stay in one location to monitor these real-time feeds.

You can install digital monitoring applications on your mobile device and monitor all the action in your business premises regardless of your location provided you have a stable internet connection on your mobile device. A security officer or business owner can choose to leave the workplace but still monitor the premises with his or her smartphone. In the case of any emergencies, he or she can call the police or trigger an alarm system to alert nearby authorities. Furthermore, the digital storage of cloud computing is easier and more compact than the conventional methods of storing security footage data.



Automation enables you to control other units in your business such as the thermostat, sprinklers, lights, and even electricity from the comfort of your home. The technology of integrating various systems into a single device can enable you to protect your assets and the lives of your employees without too much hassle.


Heightened Security Credentials

With the older versions of technology where people used key cards and access codes to access certain sensitive rooms in a building, it was easy to be compromised. A thief or intruder can steal the codes or the key card and access a special room in a business that he or she is not authorized to enter. But, with the newer technologies, workplaces have heightened their security systems by embracing the technology of using fingerprint and eye scanners to allow specific persons access to certain rooms or departments in their business. In the police department, police field training has been part of the many initiatives being launched by various governments in a bid to embrace these newer advancements.


Motion Detection Technology

Police officers, business people, and executives in Fortune companies are utilizing motion detection tech as an additional layer of tighter security. If an intruder or an unauthorized person makes any movement near the high-value merchandise such as windows, display cases or secured doors being protected, the system’s sensor will send a signal to your security dashboard, and trigger an intrusion alarm. Once the alarm goes off, you can take any appropriate response to curb the intrusion.…

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