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Are Reliable Website Maintenance Services Needed for WordPress Sites?

Does the maintenance of a website have to be carried out autonomously or entrusted to a service provider? The choice of outsourcing depends on the website owner’s strategy, the means available and the costs. What do reliable website maintenance services entail? The modifications that can be carried out by the client can be numerous, the limit being his or her mastery of the subject.

A news story or a well-written article requires a minimum of editorial skills. The layout should respect the rules of visual communication and standards of the Internet, both of which requires the competence of an editor, designer, and developer. Having the skills in question is a strategic choice that must be made in relation to its core business. A second aspect that is economical is the cost and the means to carry out the maintenance of the site. The decision to provide it internally is linked to the amount of work to be done and the resources needed (staff, training, maintenance of skills). In order to identify the subject, one must take into consideration the different types of websites.


A “static” site is made up of “hard” (HTML or equivalent) written pages and put online as is. Most websites are built on this model. The update is done by the webmaster, who can be an internal person or a provider. The webmaster can justify a full-time position when frequent modifications need to be made. In this case, he/she must have editorial skills to perform the updates.

Dynamic sites

A “dynamic” site is one whose pages are generated according to the user’s request. The content is created from a database and a programming language. This is the case for merchant sites in which, for example, the article page is generated from the product requested by the visitor. The update is carried out by the customer (articles, categories, tariffs), but here again, the option of outsourced maintenance is possible, especially when changes are infrequent or products are rarely managed.

Dynamic pages

In a static site, certain pages must be “dynamic” in order to be updated by the client, such as job offers, news, customer references, and the like. This type of site presents a fantastic compromise because it allows site owners to stay up-to-date without agency intervention while using a simple browser. Functions based on dynamic pages can be varied: product sales, making appointments online, information, forum, FAQ, and so on.